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A Woman on a mission

My name is La’Tasha Reaves, also known as Ladi Jon’Rea.  I am a native of Columbia, SC and a recent graduate of Southeastern Institute where I was certified as massage therapist in addition to graduating Limestone College with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Business Administration and Management. I have a desire to venture into the business sector I also have a love of performing and the arts that still remain a part of my life.

With my newly found career in modeling, I have had the opportunity to work with Mr. Charles Curtis in his premiere performance of “Nothing Happened” performing the role as the lead, Mrs. Trish Paul.  I also was in webseries called Success Lies and Betrayal written by Toya Etheridge, Business and Pleasure written by Derrick Holley of Dusthouse films and currently working on another movie “Karma #3”.  

My first debut performance was a successful and an entertaining treat for those that came to view this compelling show. In addition to performing arts I have travelled to Maryland, DC to be a part of Madame Butterfly Fashion Show, DFE 4th Annual Fashion & Music Affair in North Charleston, SC. My first Model Battle was hosted by Mentality of a Millionaire held in Goose Creek, SC, Blessed Beyond the Runway located in Greenville, SC, Fashion Fair Extravaganza in Florence, SC, and Fashion on the Lawn with Urban Spice Magazine in Georgia.  I debuted in more thatn 5 magazines, Hair, Fashion, Lifestyle Magazine HD Encore magazine volume 11 released January 2015 and Crush Photography Magazine All Red Affair Edition released December 2014. I was featured in the Valentine’s Edition part two of the Crush magazine edition for 2015 and recently GoldStar magazine Leather Lace Dec 2018.

I showcased in the Beautiful Your Tour in Manhattan, New York during NCAA weekend and Ce Ce La B Fashion Show March 28, 2015 along with Columbia HairWalk at the Airport August 17, 2015 and will be featured in various other shows in the upcoming months.  I was also a part of the Designer Competition scheduled for 4/22-25, 2015 in Atlanta, GA.  I am scheduled to participate in the launch of N’Bodi Fashion Show on November 14, 2015 and was recently a participant of a model transformation project coming out in winter 2015.  I am a brand ambassador for TrulyCharmedLife Fashion and owner of Uniquely U Jewels boutique.  I also auditioned to be a model for Crush Model Magazine and was chosen to be one of their models. I’m also in a webseries entitles Success Lies and Betrayal (S.L.A.B) as the character Robin and pending another webseries along with being featured in the new episode for 1Love Tv in February 2018. I am presently on the radio show “The Breakdown Radio Show” as Ladi J.

I have alsowritten two books.  My first book was entitled "Empowered Defiance " and my very first  self published book "Mirror Imperfections " are oout and available for purchase.   I am currently cast in few other lovies and have a few other projects that are planned.  I have aspirations of venturing into more genres of the fashion and modeling industry.


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